My entrance to the world of hypnosis began with a quest to help my mother. Once a vibrant energetic woman, my mother had become incapacitated by excruciating pain. She used every ounce of effort she could muster and still could only engage in a fraction of the activities she had once enjoyed.


It was on a cruise ship that I decided to go to a hypnotist show. The Mesmerizing Brenda Kaye was holding a weight loss talk that piqued my interest. While on line, I met many fellow passengers with fascinating stories. One spoke of a doctor who prescribed hypnosis tapes for his patients to listen to before open heart surgery, his patients apparently healed the fastest out of anyone in the hospital where the one woman had been.  Another spoke about an anesthesiologist who used hypnosis to insert epidurals during childbirth and yet another spoke about hypno-birthing which eliminated the need for epidurals altogether.



Brenda presented her talk, and while I was in this beautiful relaxed state (what I now know was hypnosis), the things the other passengers said to me started to sink in.  After Brenda's talk I approached her, Brenda is the loveliest woman, and asked her about using hypnosis for pain management.  She told me that it was a wonderful tool in combating pain but that I should only find a hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). They accept only highly trained hypnotists who must adhere to strict guidelines to maintain status in the guild.


Once back from the cruise I contacted as many hypnotists as I could find through the NGH. None of the hypnotists I spoke with would come to see my mom.  I decided, I'm going to do it - I am going to learn how to do this myself. Over two summers I did the coursework, completed the practicals and found out how much I love hypnosis and the science behind it.  My mom became my first client and has responded remarkably well. 


I slowly expanded to more clients and the results were incredible. People who hadn't been able to sleep properly for years told me they were sleeping like babies.  One couple claimed I "took the crazy out of their relationship". Another client who suffers from Colon Cancer felt peaceful and relaxed for the first time in months.  


So many people are drawn to what hypnosis has to offer and the beauty it is. Once people learn how to do self hypnosis they can help themselves in so many ways.  I am humbled that this profession found me and grateful that I can help people help themselves.

© 2015 by Tamara Brotter.

* Certified Hypnotist


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